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LUCAS European Sport Collaborative Partnership (IT, BE, CY, DK, ES, LT, PT) was aimed to create a stable European network for sharing information, expertise and good practices on rehabilitation through sport for people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) (in particular after a coma) and with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and their families, caregivers. The partnership developed and tested a multidisciplinary experimental methodology of rehabilitation through sport, with specific objectives for the final beneficiaries (people with ABI or SCI and their families, caregivers): 
• To facilitate physical rehabilitation through the improvement of motor aspect 
• To improve perception of quality of life and psychophysical well-being 
• To facilitate social reintegration and to help to reduce loneliness 
• To improve quality of relationship between person with acquired disability and his/her family/caregiver 
• To improve awareness of the disability, both in the person with disability and in the caregiver 
• To give the opportunity to the person with acquired disability to practice adapted sports. 
Activities proposed are: 
• Adapted sport activity for persons with acquired disability; 
• Physical and motor activity for caregivers; 
• Motor, physical and sport activity for the 2 groups together. 

Pilot actions results suggested that a 24 weeks physical activity program increases the general health and quality of life of persons with ABI or SCI, as well as their informal caregivers. Furthermore, the results also suggest a positive effect of physical activity on the social (re-)integration of people with disability and caregivers. In conclusion, physical activity improves the physical, psychological and social well-being of persons with ABI or SCI, as well as their informal caregiver(s).

Furthermore, a common program of events and initiatives in 9 countries to raise awareness on the coma awakening and the problems of people with acquired brain injuries and their families was promoted with the "European Day of Awakenings", that obtained the High Patronage of the European Parliament in 2015 and 2016. 

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Through sport we can provide opportunities for participation to people at risk of exclusion from the community following a dramatic break of the life project (awakenings from "suspended lives") and to build networks of solidarity and voluntary work around these people (awakening of community).